Overcoming Legacy IT Challenges with Managed Mainframe Services

If your business is running legacy IT systems—and chances are that it is—you know they can introduce a number of challenges for you and your staff. But more than just an annoyance, legacy systems eat into your bottom line, costing you money, alienating customers, and introducing security risks. Legacy IT is a form of technical debt not easily satisfied.  Here are just a few of the issues you may be facing.

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Multicloud Management Best Practices

Having discovered the advantages of the cloud, many enterprises are now taking a multicloud approach, implementing a mix of public, private, and hybrid cloud architectures in their efforts to make computing more efficient and available.

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The Challenges of Strategic IT Staffing in a Highly Competitive Market

A 2017 report by CompTIA indicates that the demand for tech talent in the United States will continue to outpace the supply of workers. And among hiring employers, almost half (47 percent) expect hiring to be moderately or significantly more challenging this year.

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Optimize Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy with Cloud Managed Services

More than half of IT professionals surveyed (53%) indicated that optimizing current cloud use is the top initiative in 2017. That number rises to 64 percent among mature cloud users. That’s largely because of the amount of wasted cloud spend, estimated at 30 percent by users and likely to run as much as 45 percent.

Because of the limitations of operating in either a dedicated or a public cloud environment, organizations are moving to a hybrid cloud solution to improve security, reduce costs, and find the best-fit solution for business challenges. But as the survey indicates, knowing where to direct resources for the greatest benefit isn’t easy—even for the most seasoned IT pro. That’s why many businesses are turning to cloud managed services.

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5 Strategic IT Staffing Tips

According to CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2017 report, there are five major factors contributing to a more challenging landscape for IT professionals in 2017. These factors are:

  • Finding workers with expertise in emerging tech fields
  • Competition for IT talent
  • Finding workers with the right soft skills
  • Rising salary expectations
  • Insufficient pool of talent in region/locale
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Outsourcing IT: the solution to company’s needs

If you’re lacking the skills or technology to do something, you can either acquire those resources internally, which is an investment, or you can leverage outsourcing. By outsourcing, you leverage another company that already has those skills and resources available. From a company’s perspective, it’s looking at outsourcing as “do we have a competitive advantage to do it ourselves, or should we rely upon someone who does have the competitive advantage to do it?”

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Ticketing: What you need to know

As a service provider, ticketing is really the backbone of First National Technology Solutions (FNTS). Any request that a customer inputs, or any alert that the company receives requires a ticket.

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Service Level Agreements: an agreement for excellence

It’s important for customers to trust information which is shared with them, and First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) is setting the right expectation with clients as they’re coming on board. This is especially true in regards to Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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Business partnerships: adding value, reducing costs, and forming valuable relationships

First National Technology Solution’s philosophy with customers focuses on really developing a long term relationship. In partnering with FNTS, customers are guaranteed a very high level of service, and one which continues to receive value throughout the life of their relationship.

The best way to add value is by giving customers access to the “best of breed” from a technology perspective. Doing so means providing the leading edge technology for customers to take advantage of in their operation. Going hand in hand with leading technology, is offering access to highly trained and skilled senior engineers, as well as delivering services in a very timely fashion.

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Capitalizing on capital expenditures

When talking about capital expenditures, it helps to view them as investments. With that in mind, all investments should be considered carefully, and have a return. It’s typically something that you own, depreciates over a useful life, and is recorded as an asset on your balance sheet.

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How CA Service Desk Manager can help you

Service Desk Manager has helped First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) improve the process of service delivery, customer satisfaction, and reduce cost through automation.

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How one top-rated bank uses technology to meet customer demands

As the top-rated bank in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, Blackhawk Bank focuses on providing exceptional customer service and superior financial products, while also allowing its customers and employees to benefit from the latest technologies. Throughout its rich history, Blackhawk Bank has gone through several expansions, mergers and acquisitions – all while maintaining a powerful partnership with First National Technology Solutions (FNTS).

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Data Center Trends: Outsourcing

Corporations face mounting pressure from stakeholders to reduce expenses and increase efficiencies in their information technology (IT) environments, all while maintaining 100 percent data availability. In addition, many organizations have substantial IT initiatives to tackle this year, leaving them with few resources to devote to routine facility maintenance. As a result, facilities are increasingly turning to outsourcing opportunities, such as data center services and cloud hosting to store and manage their data. By doing so, many organizations have successfully eliminated the capital required to purchase and maintain expensive hardware and accommodate the capacity needed to store data on premise. By outsourcing managed services, facility managers can free up critical square footage and IT staff can hand off general maintenance activities and prioritize overall business strategy. 

Confirming this trend, Gartner recently published a report forecasting a 0.5 percent decline this year in worldwide IT spending from 2015. However, spending in the IT services market is expected to reach $929 billion, a 2.1 percent increase from 2015. In other words, as budgets tighten and technology advances, senior IT leaders recognize the value in managed services and, in turn, spend less on implementing their own hardware and software, entrusting their data to expert providers.

As part of this IT spending shift toward outsourced services, organizations are also considering virtualization in their critical systems and IT environments. As the amount of capacity required to store data on premise proliferates, organizations are turning to virtual technology instead of increasing the square footage in their facilities. According to a recent survey published by Nomura Holdings, CIOs expect cloud consumption to rise from 31 percent in 2014 to 58 percent in 2018. In addition, public cloud adoption is predicted to grow the fastest – from 8 percent in 2014 to 19 percent in 2018.

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Six Outsourcing “Do’s”

Outsourcing your IT environment is an important decision for any business. Whether it be online backups, offsite backups or anything in between, it helps to keep certain tips in mind when choosing among mainframe outsourcing companies. Here are some “do’s” to help you in your outsourcing decisions.

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How to avoid project failure

The technology landscape is cluttered with promises of product problem solving.  And while these products are designed to help solve the problem at hand, it won't solve the issue completely.  Why? How do you get to the end result to solve the problem?  Reset, revisit and look at your predefined expectations and requirements.  

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