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#1 Vendor Selection Criteria

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Vendor Selection Criteria

Just like our customers, we, too, evaluate and select our partners very carefully.

One of our customers asked me the other day “Why EMC?”

They wanted to know why we were not recommending Nimbus, IBM, Pure Storage, NetApp, Hitachi, etc. for their particular needs.

I started off by explaining that we continually rate our partners, and EMC consistently ranks as the top 1-2 vendor across the entire spectrum of storage-related technologies: SAN, NAS, Virtualization, Big Data, Object Storage, etc. in terms of security, reliability, functionality, price & performance.

But I have to say, one of the most overlooked, but fundamentally important selection criteria for any partner, is support after the sale!

We are blessed to have a wonderful team of experts working across all disciplines that are willing and able to support our customers long after the ink has dried.  We demand the same level of support from our partners.
Humans make mistakes and technology fails – You\We need partners that are able to step up and deliver during when it matters the most.