1996 Flashback


A lot has changed in nearly two decades. In 1996, internet was on the rise, Windows NT 4.0 was released, DVDs were launched in Japan and my cell phone was a Motorola MicroTAC 650.

While the internet, Windows and DVDs are still relevant today, most technology is not. Do you still have the same phone from 1996? Computer?  TV? Long

 gone are the days of using a cell phone that weighed far too much and PCs had a monochrome monitor.


Remember this”top-of-the-line” phone?

When I was recently working on a customer contract, I noticed the client originally signed with us in 1996. Many years have passed, yet FNTS continues to be a leader in obtaining emerging technology. We are constantly prepared to provide what our customers need.


Through all different iterations of technology, FNTS continues to reinvent itself. While our technology may change, FNTS’s superior service will not. We have been providing clients with top notch technology for nearly two decades and we will continue to do so for decades to come.

FNTS provides the IT solutions and managed services so you can focus on your business – and its future.

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