2014 Executive Summit


What’s your perfect weather for a round of golf?

Mine would be:
• Sunny
• 70-72 degrees
• <5 mph winds

This past Tuesday, for our Executive Summit we experienced a Top 10 day for Omaha weather, completely matching the perfect forecast for a round of golf. Pair that weather with a round of 57 (14 under par) – the day really couldn’t have been better!

Executive Summit

But beyond the awesome golf, and yes, I have been accused of “stacking” my team; we also had a couple of very informative and enlightening panel discussions the morning of the event. We heard from industry experts including Cisco, World Wide Technologies and AT&T, on how the Internet of Everything will change not only our personal lives, but how we do business with our clients going forward. There was great dialog amongst the attendees questioning what this new “frontier” will look like. We also heard from some who were concerned about this impeding their privacy, while others see the value of having real-time data and information for the consumer to make informed decisions/purchase products suited for them, all very conveniently. There is no doubt that the internet of everything will have a dramatic impact on all of our lives in the coming years.

We also learned from Pivotal and IBM, leading industry experts in regards to the Big Data trends. We learned how companies are using Big Data to be able to make better decisions based on having access to information. We also learned how companies can utilize un-structured data, such as Twitter feeds, Facebook, other social media, to assist them in their evaluations and analytics. What was particularly interesting was that Big Data isn’t just for the Fortune 100 corporations. Both IBM and Pivotal provided case studies of how smaller organizations, even start-up companies are embracing the technology and tools available within this space.

If you are interested in hearing more about what was discussed at our 2014 Executive Summit or would like to be invited to our future events, please let me know.

So even though we can’t forecast the weather a year from now, we can forecast another great event with industry leading experts discussing the latest in technology trends. And yes, we will get some more golf in, I’m just hoping my team is able to make as many putts and hit as many great shots as we did this year!

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