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2015 - The Year of Flash?

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The Year of Flash

One of the advantages of working for, and being a customer of, an “Enterprise” Cloud Service Provider is the ability to test and use the latest, best-of-breed, technologies available in the marketplace. 

One of those technologies that really started to take off last year was the use of hybrid and all-flash storage arrays. There were several blog entries last year surrounding the use and benefits many companies have seen utilizing all-flash arrays specifically for latency-sensitive systems and applications.

As we start heading into 2015, we see increasingly advanced features being added while costs are now approaching that of traditional Enterprise Storage Arrays.

The combination of these two factors is making for the perfect storm within the storage industry.  This bodes well for customers who would like to leverage super-fast storage within their organizations at very affordable rates.

I foresee 2015 as a break-out year for all-flash storage systems with wide-spread adoption rates.