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Boe Knapp has worked in a variety of roles related to Information Technology. His 28 years of experience in the technology industry include mainframe & midrange systems, application software, performance and system management, system/data backup, IT storage, disaster recovery solutions, and managed services. Boe has worked for Burroughs/Unisys, Distribution Management Systems and CapaciTeam. His background includes configuring technical architecture for mainframe, midrange and open systems; selling capacity planning and performance management; marketing and selling application software. Boe began his career at First National Technology Solutions when the company purchased his performance analysis and system optimization business. First National Technology Solutions provides data center and managed services and is known for their Tier IV facility, which provides a level of Internet connectivity, security, and power typically only found outside of the Midwest. Boe holds a BS in Economics and Minor in Computer Science.

Technology Solutions Spotlight: Boe Knapp

Boe Knapp, a Senior Account Executive at First National Technology Solutions has been involved in the IT world since graduating college. He has worked for a variety of companies including Burroughs, one of the largest computer companies in the world. He even started his own performance analysis and system optimization business before selling it to FNTS. Knapp began working for FNTS shortly afterwards.

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Evolution of ASP to SaaS and Beyond

I have worked in the Software business for a lot of years; and it used to be simple in the past. You would find a hardware vendor, buy a server, put your software on it and ship out to a new customer. The customer would put it into a closet, which always got too hot, along with some tape cartridges. The customer had a maintenance contract with a hardware vendor to fix the hardware when it broke. Then there was the lucky sole who would get to wait after the business closed to run the backups of the data to tapes, so they could be taken off-site. This usually meant they took the tapes home with them for “secure” storage.

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IT Dinosaurs – is the Mainframe Extinct?

I was playing with my grandson and he loves dinosaurs. As we were playing my mind wondered to the mainframe being called a dinosaur over 25 years ago and how it was soon going to be extinct. When I first heard this, I assumed that it would happen in 5 to 10 years. As I know today the mainframe is still running many critical applications and transactions every day. So the mainframe is not extinct…yet the people that administrate them are retiring at a very fast pace, so it makes it hard to find someone to take care of the mainframe on a daily basis.

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