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Not All Solid States are Equal

As a follow-on to a previous post “The Evolution of Disk Storage”, we discover there’s more than one type of flash technology to choose from.  Depending on the intended use and workload requirements, there are three flash technologies widely adopted and being deployed:

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Working with a myriad of companies from different industries, it is fascinating to discover why they adopted cloud and infrastructure-as-a-service. Commonly, companies want to focus on its capital and technical resources, business initiatives and growth projects. They do not want to put time and energy into computer hardware and day-to-day support needs

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When Email Attacks

How many of us receive e-mail on a monthly basis from our financial institution?  With the technology that we have today I am guessing that most of us receive statement notifications electronically instead of via the post office.  How many of us can actually tell whether or not the e-mail received is legitimate or from someone trying to obtain the username and password to your account?  There are a few signs that you should look for before clicking on a link in any e-mail you receive.

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Mainframe Demise?

My introduction to IT was via the Air Force in 1989.  Graduating from high School in 1985, well before personal computers became common place and before teaching programming was the norm, I enlisted in in the Air Force.

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. -Marilyn Monroe

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The Evolution of Disk Storage

Back in 1956, IBM introduced us to the first commercially available disk drive.  It stored 5MB of data, weighed over a ton, and could be leased for $3,200 a month.  Today, with the prevalence of solid state storage, you can fit a 128GB Flash Drive in your shirt pocket for under $100.
Although I wouldn’t store my most critical database on a $100 flash drive, it’s a testament to the advances we have seen within storage industry in a relatively short period of time.

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Lawrence Welk & IT Managers

For those of you around my age (uh… more than 40), you may remember your parents or grandparents watching The Lawrence Welk Show on Saturday Evenings.  If you are not familiar with Lawrence, allow me to educate.

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Are you Prepared to BYOD?

The acronym BYOD or Bring Your Own Device, is taking the business world by storm.

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A Day Away from the Data Center

After being in the trenches of the network for months on end, deep diving into large scale network builds, and coming up with unique yet solid and supportable solutions, it’s easy to lose track on how fast technology is progressing in the IT industry.

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EMC World Wizards

If you are like me and want to understand what’s new and hot (or will be hot) in the storage industry, EMC World is a must attend event. During the past several years, EMC has leveraged EMC World to push concepts and ideas that have helped shaped modern datacenters worldwide.

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