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Thank You For The Experience

Omaha Public Schools are back in session, NFL pre-season football has started, and pumpkin flavored drinks will soon begin their hostile takeover of Starbucks. All of these are indicators of fall’s arrival, and summer’s end. It’s hard to believe it’s already over, and (for this summer at least) my internship with this great company comes to a close. Though my time here has been relatively short (roughly a month and a half) it has been a wonderful experience, and one I’m truly grateful for.

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Learning Experiences

During one of the first days of my internship here at First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) I was offered the opportunity to take a tour of the First National Data Center. A tour was being given to a potential client, and some coworkers who were giving the tour offered to bring me along so I could see everything as well. I had just gotten acclimated to my workspace, but I thought it’d be a great chance to learn more about the company I work for. So I eagerly came with.

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Time Flies

I hit my five year anniversary with First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) this month. As I reflect and look back at those five years, I realize that I experienced some amazing things.

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Technology Solutions Spotlight: Dan Kurtz

Meet Dan Kurtz. As a Business Development Manager at First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) his role requires him to work with partners. This includes resellers, channel partners, and strategic vendors such as EMC Cisco or IBM. Currently his biggest project has him working with CISCO to make FNTS a CISCO certified cloud provider. 

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I recently had a conversation with a customer and business partner who I hadn’t seen in over a year. He greeted me with a handshake and a hug. He was the toughest negotiator I have ever worked with, and in past phone negotiations he actually hung up on me several times. We’ve had this relationship for 15 years, and yet he greeted me with a hug!

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Is the Cloud really a Mainframe?

IBM recently announced its new z13 mainframe.  Pretty amazing in the new world order of cloud everything.  It seems as if cloud is the great elixir.  I hear it all the time – “just put it in the cloud” or “just back this data up to the cloud”.  Poof, it’s done!  Magic!  

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EMC World Update 2015 - VMAX 3

The VMAX3 is EMC’s latest Generation flagship Enterprise Storage Array. 

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#1 Vendor Selection Criteria

Vendor Selection Criteria

Just like our customers, we, too, evaluate and select our partners very carefully.

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VMware NSX Load Balancing 503 Error from VIP

Creation of the VMware NSX load balancer is pretty straight forward.  Ultimately you create an Application Profile, A Serverfarm Pool, a VIP, and you are off to the races.

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Xtrem Speed

There it is, a car you’ve never seen before, but with lines like that, it has to be fast. You see the light turn green, and you expect this thing to fly off the line, when to your astonishment you hear nothing. No turbo, no loud growling exhaust, nothing. Your Fiat just blew it off the line. It left me disappointed.  That’s when I thought looks could be deceiving, and disappointing.

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Beyond the hype:  Getting real with XtremIO

Since very early in the XtremIO lifecycle for EMC; FNTS has designed an offering for customers to enjoy the benefits in the cloud. The ability to see performance in sub millisecond response times, to being able to take advantage of a shared pricing structure with a right sized approach to storage usage; First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) customers have been able to take advantage of an all flash array to host their business applications. 

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Cloud Solutions

Identify. Plan. Solve. Every organization has problems or issues that require solvency – the key is correctly identifying the problems.  You know you want to implement a cloud solution; however, you cannot create a business case to move forward if you are only solving general issues – it won’t work.  Exactly define each business or technical problem in an honest and upfront fashion.  Doing so will help you accurately plan for the best solution within the cloud. By limiting scope to what business problems you are solving, you can focus on each issue independently, thus not biting off more than you can chew. 

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DNS Doctoring: A work around for internal hosts resolving external IP DNS names

I ran into an interesting situation while helping a colleague build out a PaaS prototype a few weeks back. 

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2015 - The Year of Flash?

The Year of Flash

One of the advantages of working for, and being a customer of, an “Enterprise” Cloud Service Provider is the ability to test and use the latest, best-of-breed, technologies available in the marketplace. 

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Private Cloud Solution

Private cloud solutions make sense when they make sense. One of the challenges for the CTO of a company is trying to determine if their strategic IT direction will be to utilize a private cloud.

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