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Michelle Travis leads the marketing division of FNTS, utilizing leading-edge tools to share FNTS’ customized solutions and best-in-class technology with growing audiences at organizations across all industries. She works to share the story of FNTS – from sharing the news on innovative product offerings and new features to FNTS’ work as a respected global technology leader, providing managed services and IT solutions to help businesses maintain ongoing success. As Marketing Director, Michelle’s objective is to drive FNTS’ go-to market approach through brand strategy, channel partner marketing, corporate communications, digital, and creative, connecting clients and prospects with FNTS subject matter experts’ solutions to accelerate revenue growth. Michelle brings more than a decade of marketing business-to-business experience in the technology and payment acceptance industries. Her past experiences include national account management of fortune 500 companies, managing national print and direct mail campaigns and operations for a leading payment processing provider and implementing a cross-sell program promoting services across multiple business units to drive revenue. Michelle has been a mentor for youth for more than a decade in the Omaha metro area and is involved in promoting women in technology efforts and programs to encourage young girls to pursue careers in IT. Michelle earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from Bellevue University and is certified in both Inbound and Email Marketing through HubSpot Academy.
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Happy Holidays

A special holiday greeting to all of our followers, customers and partners.  The staff at First National Technology Solutions wishes you a happy holiday season.

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You Won’t Believe The Average Cost of Downtime

Regardless of how outages occur – whether man made or by Mother Nature – they happen, and they happen often. If a company experiences an outage, it can be catastrophic. Let’s take a look at the dollars, and make cents of this:  

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3 Benefits of Cloud You May Not Know About

When cloud first hit the market, some buzz words surrounding it were security, on-demand, lower costs, scalable and bursting. As technology evolved, and more companies implemented cloud solutions, some additional benefits started surfacing as well:

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3 Ways to Get Your IT Strategy Off Paper and Into Action

Research, planning, off-site meetings, consulting, surveys – various activities go into creating strategies for your organization.  The time, effort and expense that goes into creating your strategy – you can’t afford to let it live on paper.  Here are three ways to get your strategy off the paper and into action.

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Celebrating Two Years With You

June 18th marked the two year anniversary of the First National Technology Solutions blog.  Blogging is a great opportunity to publish information to an online community looking for the right solution to overcome roadblocks, obstacles or simply gain insight from your peers.  

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Cloud:  Training for a marathon; not a race

We hear it every day – technology is continually changing and there is no sign of it slowing down any time soon.  With the continual change comes the high price of keeping technology up to date to meet demands and upgrades.  More and more businesses turn to cloud providers to help them with these rising demands and help keep the rising costs under control.  So you are off to the race with planning, design, development, testing and finally implementation.  But the race doesn’t stop there; it has only begun.

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Personal Service Comes with a Price Tag

Help!  Recently I embarked on a new endeavor, outside of my comfort zone, into uncharted territory.  In this new endeavor, I found myself learning on the fly and getting along pretty well until the project went awry and I needed help.  I tried to call the vendor but could not get through, so I was forced to send an email for assistance and wait.  And wait.  I felt helpless sitting there waiting for help to arrive.  As it turned out I was only allowed email support. I had to pay extra for actual phone assistance.  I was stunned!  Could this be true – are there companies that force customers to pay extra to get help from a product/service they offer and charge for?  The answer is yes.

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War and Technology

I recently finished reading the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (Hillenbrand, 2010) about the life of an American POW during World War II, Louis Zamperini. It is an amazing read and I recommend all to pick it up. It is a beautiful story of life, determination and forgiveness. If you don’t read, please go see the movie.

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Seven things about outsourcing your CIO wants to know.

Once upon a time the term outsourcing was deemed automatic job loss or loss of control over your critical systems. With technology changing, the lines between consumer and business blurring, security and compliance standards rising and business drivers changing the technology world continually – the role of the CIO has changed and now outsourcing has become an extension of your staff – not a replacement.

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When Outsourcing Becomes Multisourcing

It starts slow with one vendor, outsourcing one service then we see how much it stress it relieves from internal resources and we start outsourcing more until the list grows and we are multisourcing. Here are a few tips to help you manage multiple vendors:

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Follow the Frog

If you haven’t seen the follow the frog video from the rain forest alliance campaign you must STOP reading AND WATCH it.  Are you that person that strives to be the best, do the best and settle for nothing but the best? It’s only the best if you have fully vested yourself.  Otherwise it isn’t good enough…..yep guilty over here!

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I recently saw a post on LinkedIn that stated “There is no more B2B or B2C.  It’s H2: Human to Human”. Quick translation: B2B is business to business, B2C business to consumer.  The sarcastic side of me said “duh – when did that ever change?”  But the inquisitive marketing side of me said, is it really human to human?  Ultimately if you are selling socks to a consumer or socks to a reseller, humans are making the decision to purchase.  The sales pitch and the motive to purchase will have different but ultimately it is a human to human transaction. So why is this statement so perplexing?

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Looking for the Right Answers

Deemed as the first major algorithmic change in 12 years the implementation of hummingbird by Google might have changed search engine optimization (SEO), or at least the way we get our results.  Catering to the popular voice commands of “ask and answer” this new implementation will bring you the answers you are looking for….or will it?

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Insurance: Fear or Foe

Health, car, house or property, event pet – insurance comes in every form and most of us have it.  The fear of the unknown (and the law) drives us to make sure in the event of an incident we will be able to function and restore our belongings or health back to their natural state.  In fact it is often AFTER we have to use our insurance we learn about everything that isn’t covered….it takes an unfortunate incident to realize we didn’t have the coverage we thought we had.  Now many people are fully covered and walk away praising their coverage and the painless efforts and go back to life as they know it, but what about those that don’t and what does this have to do with IT?

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Big Data or Big Overload

And the winner for the new buzzword is… (drum roll please)……. Big Data!!  You can pick your prize up as you exit the building because I cannot possibly make the time to stop my normal “business as usual” routine to gather, analyze, store, restore and do anything with you even though everyone in the industry in every industry tells me I have to….or need to.

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