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Tim Stephenson is a Senior Sales Engineer and Architect at First National Technology Solutions. With over 25 years of technology experience, Tim’s passions include system environments, desktop virtualization, cloud services and storage. Beyond the world of IT, Tim is an avid motorcyclist and you can find him riding his Harley on the weekends, traveling, metal working and watching baseball games.

Managing Unstructured Data

The business of unstructured data: effectively store and managed large amounts of data.

In a typical organization, 80% of data is in an unstructured form; meaning it either does not have a predefined data model or it is not organized in a predefined manner (i.e. database or application).

With data sprawl increasing and big data  there are optimal solutions for managing and storing this data in an effective manner.

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Quick Tip: Office 365 Migration Success

Many companies, regardless of size, are migrating to Office 365 for a variety of reasons - to support a mobile workforce, address security concerns, provide collaboration solutions and lower support costs with an always up to date application model.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin your migration to the Microsoft Office 365 application.

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3D Printing & First National Technology Solutions

What was once considered a novelty, has now become an important aspect of manufacturing, dentistry, and even First National Technology Solutions (FNTS). It’s 3D printing.

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What is Elastic Cloud Storage?

Tim Stephenson is working on big things at First National Technology Solutions. For one, he’s trying to incorporate elastic cloud storage into the FNTS data center. 

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The Economics Behind and Beyond Cloud Computing

As a nearly empty nest father of six I find myself relating cloud economics to home economics.  When my family lived at home we shopped at wholesale stores.  The idea was that I could get massive quantities of something for a lower per unit cost, thus saving money on the overall budget, even if a little bit would sometimes go to waste or spoil before it could be consumed by the ravaging teenagers.  This compares nicely with the pre-defined public cloud models.  With these models you pick from pre-packaged configurations of servers that might not fit exactly what you need but it will work, usually leaving you with some amount of un-used CPU, RAM or Disk that goes to waste.

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Christmas Magic!

Ever heard of a 3-D printer? It is a lot like Christmas Magic. I purchased an entry level model about 6 months ago and have been learning how to use it to its full potential ever since.

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Scary Time!

As we approach the end of October and the Halloween holiday I found myself reflecting on what scared me as child; ghosts, boogie men, a pop quiz in school. As we grow and mature those things no longer seem important and lose their ability to grip your soul in the middle of the night like they used to when you were young. In part because you develop some perspective and in part because you learn of even scarier things that are actually real and can harm you in other ways.

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Ch Ch Ch Changes

David Bowie uttered this memorable phrase back in 1971. At the time he considered it a throwaway song, little did he know it would become one of his most famous lyrics. In the world of IT, change has many meanings just as it did in Bowie’s song of self-discovery.

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The Extremes of IO: Part 1

IO, IO, it’s off to work we go.

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