I recently saw a post on LinkedIn that stated “There is no more B2B or B2C.  It’s H2: Human to Human”. Quick translation: B2B is business to business, B2C business to consumer.  The sarcastic side of me said “duh – when did that ever change?”  But the inquisitive marketing side of me said, is it really human to human?  Ultimately if you are selling socks to a consumer or socks to a reseller, humans are making the decision to purchase.  The sales pitch and the motive to purchase will have different but ultimately it is a human to human transaction. So why is this statement so perplexing?

In today’s world of technology the lines between business and personal lives are blurred, work and personal devices are one in the same, social media has expanded networking beyond happy hour and many times the work day is from the time you get up to the time you go to sleep  – not nine to five.   The ever wired, always connected, technology never seems to shut off – our electronic devices are our connection.  Bingo!  Our electronic devices determine what we see, how we see it and when we see it.

Google search patterns, connections and networks (both business and personal), email filters, preferences, applications, news feeds – they all feed us data, sales pitches and information at alarming rates often 140 characters or less.  Our attention spans are as long as our devices and the line at the grocery store allow us to be.  We see what we want, when we want and from what device we want.

Getting your message across to another human by way of electronic device – maybe it is not H2H but H2D2H: Human to Device to Human.   Sending your message to another human is funneled, filtered and delivered by way of electronic device keeping companies on their toes, stretching imaginations and finding new ways to make sure their message gets to the human that has the buying power.

What do you think?  Do you think electronic devices are making decisions for us?

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