Blast from the Past: A Timeline of Historic Hard Drive Facts


1956 – IBM announced the IBM 350 Drive (5MB) on 50 x 24” disc platters  1,200 RPMs with an average seek time of 600ms (milliseconds), weighed over a ton and cost $3,200 per month (lease)

1982 – IBM announced the IBM 3380 Drive first GigaByte Drive(1GB) – It was the size of a fridge (550lbs) and cost $40,000 with an average seek time of 16ms

1992 – Segate introduces the first 7,200 RPM Drive – Barracuda ST12550 (2.1GB)

1997 – Segate introduces the first 10,000 RPM Drive – Cheetah 9 ST1901 (9GB)

2000 – Segate introduces the first 15,000 RPM Drive – Cheetah x15 ST318451 (18GB)

2005 – First 500GB Hard drive (Hitachi GST)

2007 – First 1TB Hard drive (Hitachi GST)

2009 – First 2TB hard drive (Western Digital)

2011– First 4TB hard drive (Segate)

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