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Cakes in the Cloud

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So it’s your sweethearts birthday and being the good partner you are, you are going to bake their favorite cake.  SO you have two options.

1)      Go out and buy flour, sugar, baking  soda, eggs, shortening, food coloring and icing.

2)      Buy a box of cake mix.

Note: Buying a premade cake isn’t an option – and you will see why.

For me this is simple.  The box of cake mix it is.

How does this relate to cloud computing you ask?  Great question!

FNTS is your box of cake mix.  We provide the right amount of each of the ingredients you need to create your computing infrastructure.  We premeasure how much CPU, Memory, Storage and Virtual Management you need and allow you to add your applications to the mix in order to present a complete environment that is easy to consume for your users.

Sure you can go out and buy the EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco and VMware resources you need to create your own.  But in so doing are you sure you have the right amount?  Are you buying excess CPU you will never use, like the flour you end up needing to throw away because you didn’t use it all in your cake?

And WHY can’t you buy the cake premade – because you want control over the small adjustments you might need to make.  And this is your cake to your spouse – it is important to you.

It’s the age old question of Capex vs Opex and even more importantly the time invested to create this platform.  FNTS makes it easy for you to create your own cake with our premeasured ingredients.

I know your sweetheart will be happy with her cake no matter how you made it!

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