Ch Ch Ch Changes


David Bowie uttered this memorable phrase back in 1971. At the time he considered it a throwaway song, little did he know it would become one of his most famous lyrics. In the world of IT, change has many meanings just as it did in Bowie’s song of self-discovery.

In IT of course everything is changing all the time. Many companies and individuals struggle to keep up. Smaller companies may find it impossible to keep up due to limited staff resources and limited skill sets. Large companies find it difficult to stay on top of technology due to cumbersome bureaucratic processes and slow committee decision making.

One solution is to find a technology partner that is in the medium size category. Big enough to have the depth of skill sets necessary to keep on top of the changes, yet small enough to avoid the bureaucratic mess of the large organization. Leveraging a technology partner in this way isolates you from the problems of the IT keep up game and gives you the advantage of focusing all your resources on growing the business.

So embrace the ch ch ch changes and get a good partner to help you through them.
Here is another part to changes.

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