Charting Business Success Using Forecasts and Market Models


The business world is constantly changing. Trends sought out by Gartner Inc. indicate significant changes both technologically, and in basic company operation. As a result of all these changes, companies need to frequently adapt to remain successful. The following are four trends being seen in the business world of the near future.

1) Cost Optimization in the Age of Digital Business: Cost optimization is when an organizations uses a mix for increased business performance, while preparing for the digital future. This includes utilizing digital business, IT Cost optimization and Business cost optimization.

2) CIOs have much less direct control over spending: In 2017 the Total Enterprise IT Spending will be shared by businesses and IT. The rest will be held by employees, business units, and CIO’s.

3) Mode 1 to Mode 2 (Bimodal): Since 2014, at least 20% of companies have made the switch to Bimodal (managing two separate modes of IT delivery. One focused on stability and the other on agility.) This year, 85% of businesses will be Bimodal. This includes systems of record, systems of differentiation and systems of innovation.

4) Business to Digital Business: By 2020, 75% of business will be digitally based businesses. The transition is taking place by identifying growth, improving competitiveness and adapting to change in the mobile, cloud, social, and information fields.

The above facts and statistics were attained from a presentation at the Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference given by John- David Lovelock June 6-8 2016.

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