Christmas Magic!


Ever heard of a 3-D printer? It is a lot like Christmas Magic. I purchased an entry level model about 6 months ago and have been learning how to use it to its full potential ever since.

The simple explanation of what a 3-D printer is and how it works is this. You think up an object, draw it on your computer using 3-D modeling software, and then hit print.  A few minutes or several hours later, depending on size and complexity, the printer builds your part and it is just sitting there waiting for you to pick it up and use it. A REAL object, not a hologram. To me this is just “Nerdvana”.

I have also discovered that you can print with different materials, not just hard plastic. Most of the plastic I use is bio-degradable and made from corn. But I have also discovered that I can print with a wood fiber material or rubber, even a sandstone like material.

I have made replacement parts for machines or household appliances that are hard to find, car parts, blinker lenses, and yes — even toys for my grandchild.

New technologies can seem like magic but for those that keep striving for new ways of doing things, keeping up-to-date on how technology is advancing is a must. If you don’t have the time to keep up yourself, find some friendly reliable nerds that live for the next technology and make them your partner. You might start thinking that there is a little Christmas Magic in your data center after all.

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