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CIO vs. Capital Expenditures – and the winner is…

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For years business leaders have been forced to get creative due to budget constraints.  Today’s IT leaders are in a very challenging position; the business cannot operate without the services provided by the technology team.  Everybody wants the best, fastest technology available but due to capital constraints it is very hard to get new hardware purchases funded.  How can an IT leader provide the latest, greatest, fastest technology with no money to buy what they need?  The answer is easy — work with a private, enterprise-class cloud services provider.

Cloud services providers like First National Technology Solutions offer companies of all sizes the ability to have access to the latest, greatest, fastest technology without a seven digit capital expenditure.  Regardless of operating system – Windows, Linux, AIX, iSeries or mainframe – computing resources are available to give you the best of both worlds, enterprise-class technology without a large capital investment.  You only pay for the resources that you need without having to worry about upgrades every 3 years, operating system licensing and costly ongoing hardware support – let someone else make the large investment and you can put your dollars towards application development and company growth.

In addition, to all of the great benefits listed above, First National Technology Solutions offers a flexible solution offering the ability to scale up and down to meet seasonal changes in your business traffic.  The flexible resource model gives you the ability to better align expenses with revenue.

Finding the best technology solution for your company, giving customers access to the best technology available without a capital investment is something I enjoy doing.  My goal is not to sell you anything. If I find ways to solve your problems and make your job easier the services sell themselves.  Let’s talk strategy and solutions – give me a call at 402-602-2679 and break through budget constraints.

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