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Customize IT, easy right?

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First National Technology Solutions announced the launch of its mobile application yesterday.  What started as a project to build a custom application to enhance customer experience, turned into over 95,000 lines of code, long hours, a team of employees driven to meet deadlines with out of the box thinking and dedication to give our customers a tool they need and requested.  

One particular request was to give businesses a “frictionless customer experience”, but what did that mean?  To FNTS the answer was a mobile application that combined three completely different, complicated, non-customizable interfaces  and put them into one easy to use application.   

With the mobile application customers can now deploy and monitor servers, open tickets to request services or make a request on their mobile device…..from anywhere.  
Building a custom application isn’t for the weak and I guarantee you, it will be over simplified by your business partners, engineering, and vendors. Words like “that’s easy it is 800 lines of code”, or “why isn’t the app ready yet” will turn into phrases best left unsaid.   Just remember technology has little to do with the product you are building, it's the people that make the technology work and in our situation it was 100% about the customer experience. 

And there you have it, 754 decisions later, thousands of lines of code, 25+ supporting servers, and a exhausted team, First National Technology Solutions an say we are 1 of 1.2 million applications in the app store (that number probably changed 9 times while writing this). 

...onto phase 2!   

Get an inside look at the FNTS Portal mobile app now - http://info.fnts.com/fntsportal