Data Recovery 101 – Is your data ever “truly” gone? Part II


A couple days after writing Part I, I received a call from one of our Interns whose SDHC Camera Card was “unreadable” and her Spring Break vacation photos were gone.

So you have a corrupt camera card. Or maybe you deleted sensitive files from your PC and removed them from the recycle bin – They’re gone forever – Right?

Not really.

Basically, most Operating Systems only remove the index pointer to deleted files.   So the Operating System knows it can use that space in the future.  So unless you over-write those locations on your drive, the original file remains and there are several utilities out there that can recover previously lost and deleted files.

This is great if you want to recover lost files from a camera card or PC, but not so great if you have sensitive information that you don’t want to get in the wrong hands.

The easiest way to permanently remove unwanted & sensitive files is to use one of several  wipe utilities designed to overwrite your data with random patterns of 1’s and 0’s several times – which effectively renders data recovery ‘nearly’ impossible. (Eraser, Disk Scrubber, etc.)

What about the Intern’s camera card? Using a utility call SDHC Card Recovery Pro, we were able to recover a few hundred photos from her card – Must have been a fun vacation!

This was great for her, but when you think about it, it’s pretty scary how easy it really is to recover files from your personal devices.

This is great for the home computer user, but what about the enterprise?

Future posts will discuss options and techniques FNTS deploys that protect your data.

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