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FNTS Adds Immutable Backups to Help Businesses Combat Rise in Ransomware

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Ransomware attacks, which infiltrate and lock computer systems, have grown in both frequency and sophistication over the past few years. To help protect valuable data assets from ransomware and other prevalent cyberthreats, FNTS is excited to announce the launch of Immutable Backups. Immutable Backups are backups that are not susceptible to ransomware because they cannot be modified or deleted.

According to a recent IBM study, the average cost of a ransomware attack is $4.5 million. Ensuring data is recoverable in the event of an attack can save organizations from hefty ransoms, potential penalties and costs associated with data loss. Immutable Backups also ensure data can be restored as quickly as possible when systems are impacted.

“The new software FNTS is using with Immutable Backups and our FNTS Backup Services allows us to backup and restore client data even faster than before, providing peace of mind and another layer of protection,” said FNTS President Kim Whittaker. “In addition, utilizing Immutable Backups can help organizations save on cyber insurance premiums as cyber insurance providers are starting to mandate more specific backup and disaster recovery solutions.”

Providing proven and modern data protection across evolving physical and virtual environments, FNTS’ Immutable Backups support Windows and Linux systems, in addition to Mainframes, IBM Power Systems and VMware.

“Immutable Backups complement FNTS’ Backup Services, which accelerate data recovery and promote data availability, regulatory compliance, governance and visibility,” said FNTS Storage Architect Jeff Matlock. “As a trusted advisor in managed IT services for the past 27 years, FNTS has the breadth of industry experience needed to keep sensitive information secure by mitigating risks and identifying vulnerabilities that impact the confidentiality, integrity and availability of company data.”

FNTS provides business continuity and 24/7 support to ensure technical and operational coverage, which can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of having a full-time, on-site IT team. FNTS also operates some of the most secure, technically advanced data centers in the United States, where the full scope of its operations is based, so organizations will always receive superior service, support and delivery from dedicated professionals.