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FNTS Now Providing DBaaS Solutions Due to Customer Demand

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First National Technology Solutions (FNTS), an IT managed services provider, announced it will begin offering Database as a Service (DBaaS) cloud computing and managed services due to rising demand from businesses that want to deploy new databases quickly, securely and at a fraction of the cost of infrastructure-intensive projects.

A database can be one of the most important assets a business has to run its applications and operations. First National Technology Solutions can host database infrastructures in the cloud to streamline business operations, allowing companies to focus on other aspects of their business without having to monitor their own data.

DBaaS solutions through FNTS provide businesses with 24/7 connectivity, monitoring, alerting and technical support during routine database processes and in the event of operational errors and failure. Another benefit of DBaaS is the ability for businesses to rent services instead of investing in their own on-site infrastructure, which can take a long time to install and be costly to maintain.

“The technology landscape is rapidly changing and database management is part of that landscape,” said FNTS Chief Technology Officer Ralph Wasner. “As IT strategies continue to evolve so will the DBaaS functionality, performance requirements and skill set to support those databases.”

The adoption of cloud-managed services has had a tremendous impact on the extension of existing database infrastructure for most customers. Cloud technology is shifting the role of the Database Administrator (DBA) as traditional tasks are being eliminated by the DBaaS model, and the DBA role is expanding beyond the typical database management to include network connectivity and even security, which can cause a gap in skill sets for customers. By providing DBaaS solutions, FNTS will be a true partner to its customers and an extension of their IT departments.