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FNTS Sustains Commitment to Enhancing Client Value and Optimization in 2024

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The year 2023 marked a dynamic and successful period for FNTS, with the launch of several strategic services aimed at elevating client value and identifying optimization within their IT landscapes.

At the outset of 2023, FNTS unveiled IBM Cloud and IBM Power Virtual Server Managed Services, facilitating comprehensive support for clients during the deployment and design phases of their IBM Cloud environments. Midway through the year, Consulting and Professional Services were introduced, encompassing multicloud discovery, planning, design engagements and total cost of transformation projects. Our focus centered on developing services that seamlessly complement our existing portfolio, drawing from both internal capabilities and partner-provided services. Here are some key highlights related to our Consulting and Professional Services:

Cloud Strategy and Cloud Expense Modeling: FNTS aids clients in creating and refining multicloud strategies, roadmaps and plans for modernization and public cloud adoption. In a post-public cloud rush era, industries are strategically evaluating the optimal mix of private, hybrid and public cloud architectures. FNTS assists in identifying the right cloud solutions for both legacy and new workloads, ensuring efficient and effective resource utilization, both financially and operationally.

Security Advisory Services: Organizations benefit from FNTS’ expertise in assessing current security and compliance, coupled with the development of future-focused roadmaps.

Partnership-Forged Services: FNTS has established partnerships to support clients in application modernization, data management, and observability.

Adding to our array of services, FNTS incorporated Software Advocacy with the appointment of Jim Cannon as Director of Software Sales. This addition empowers FNTS to assist clients in negotiating optimal terms with various software providers, resulting in immediate returns and cost reductions for several clients.

Beyond these service expansions, FNTS achieved a significant milestone by bolstering its team with over 25 new employees to accommodate the organization's 22% business growth. New roles were introduced, emphasizing a heightened focus on data and analytics to continually optimize client environments. Additionally, investments in tools and automation capabilities were made to enhance business processes, delivering substantial value to clients.

Looking ahead to 2024, FNTS remains dedicated to being a trusted advisor to its clients, leveraging economies of scale, optimization and flexibility across their multicloud footprints. Key initiatives for the upcoming year include:

Information Security Partnerships: Collaborations aimed at providing clients with a comprehensive suite of Security Operations Center services utilizing AI and machine learning.

Technological Collaborations: Establishing partnerships and environments to enable clients to optimize and modernize multicloud workloads through technologies like Satellite and Open Shift.

FinOps Services: Introducing services to help clients manage existing multicloud spend effectively.

Software Advocacy: Continuing to assist clients in negotiating better terms and leveraging economies of scale in software entitlements.

Mainframe Partnerships: Exploring and leveraging new partnerships in mainframe optimization engagements.

Technologically, FNTS continues to expand its investments, managing the life cycle of existing investments, including the recent addition of a z/16 mainframe to its hardware fleet. These investments in cutting-edge technology enable FNTS to offer clients top-tier solutions, capitalizing on enhanced security and capabilities.

Internally, FNTS is committed to ongoing investments in automation, enhancing ServiceNow integrations, and providing a seamless customer experience. Key internal initiatives include:

Service Optimization: Enhancing current service offerings to deliver more value to clients by optimizing infrastructure and providing additional data and analysis for efficiency improvements.

Geographical Expansion: Exploring opportunities to expand into additional geographies through strategic partnerships.

Employee Experience: Prioritizing initiatives to improve the employee experience, streamline processes, and enhance access to data and information.

Cultural Commitments: Continuing to invest in and foster a positive company culture, ensuring that successes are celebrated, and a sense of enjoyment prevails in tandem with growth.

As we embark on the new year, the entire team at FNTS eagerly looks forward to connecting with clients and providing unwavering support throughout the upcoming year.