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How CA Service Desk Manager can help you

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Service Desk Manager has helped First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) improve the process of service delivery, customer satisfaction, and reduce cost through automation.

FNTS utilized Service Desk Manager (SDM) 12.9 to manage Incident Management, Request Management, Change Management, CMDB, and Project Management.  FNTS also utilizes the Multi-tenant capability of the product. Here are some other benefits of utilizing the C

  • Incident Management – By utilizing the Incident and Problem ticketing processes in SDM, FNTS can respond quickly to issues and problems. FNTS is committed to a 15 minute response time to all Priority 1 events, of which SDM is the tool to ensure the SLAs are met.  Problem tickets also ensure that FNTS is proactive to determine the root cause to an issue.  The Problem tickets have also been valuable in outside audits, to demonstrate the commitment to providing a high level of service to customers.
  • Request Management – FNTS utilizes SDM to ensure that the requests are completed timely, along with the work under contract.  This process has eliminated revenue leakage which was experienced from the previous ticketing system.  
  • Change Management – This is utilized for all changes to FNTS and Customer environments.  SDM plays a major role in the Change Management process at FNTS.  All changes to FNTS devices and customer devices use the workflow in SDM to process the change, and go through a daily CAB.
  • CMDB – This is used for all devices and services at FNTS. The devices are imported from the FNTS monitoring systems.  All the tickets are then routed to the FNTS Engineering groups, depending on the Configuration Item in the tickets.  The auto assignment of tickets has streamlined the ticketing process, and has made the assignments more accurate and reduced the resolution times to complete tickets.
  • Project Management – The request ticket process is used to assign tasks to FNTS Engineering on projects.  This allows the Project Manager to track the task on the projects. This has allowed for a seamless management of task between operations and projects.

Some of the other features FNTS has utilized are the alert and notification functions in SDM. These ensure better communication internally to FNTS, and to customers. FNTS also is utilizing a 3rd party product to do some additional online reporting.

FNTS utilizes the Self-Service features that allow both FNTS user’s and customer user’s access to the tickets and processes.  The customers can open tickets, track status, and review any information concerning their environment that is in SDM.  The customer also have access to the Change Management which allows them the ability to approve their changes online or via e-mail.

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