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How one top-rated bank uses technology to meet customer demands

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As the top-rated bank in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, Blackhawk Bank focuses on providing exceptional customer service and superior financial products, while also allowing its customers and employees to benefit from the latest technologies. Throughout its rich history, Blackhawk Bank has gone through several expansions, mergers and acquisitions – all while maintaining a powerful partnership with First National Technology Solutions (FNTS).

Some of the main challenges faced by Blackhawk included limited internal IT resources, managing their increasing capacity demands by being a high growth company, and their mission to provide customers with the latest in technology.

In January 1997, Blackhawk Bank first engaged FNTS to support its core systems, and the relationship has progressed successfully ever since. With a small IT staff, Blackhawk relies on FNTS’s technical consulting, engineering expertise, monitoring and server maintenance, as well as its disaster recovery services. Over the last two decades, Blackhawk Bank and FNTS have grown together as data center technology evolves. When the bank considers implementing new technology, for example, FNTS equips Blackhawk’s internal IT staff with expertise, flexibility and creativity.

“When we decided to enter the virtual world early on, FNTS was very willing to jump into it with us,” said Blackhawk Bank Senior Vice President of Tech and Operations, Phyllis Oldenburg. “They put together a project plan, presenting what they saw in the market at the time and their recommendations. They are a terrific resource for us.”

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