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How to avoid project failure

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The technology landscape is cluttered with promises of product problem solving.  And while these products are designed to help solve the problem at hand, it won't solve the issue completely.  Why? How do you get to the end result to solve the problem?  Reset, revisit and look at your predefined expectations and requirements.  

  • Be clear with requirements, and open minded to changes. Remember, technology is merely the tool to get you to the end result.
  • Achieving success hinges on pushing the envelope, thinking "outside the box" and pushing your team outside of their comfort zone.
  • Know your team; do you have the right people to work through challenges, meet deadlines and have the flexibility and dedication to solve the problem.

Using technology to solve problems is a great step to pushing your organization past your competitors, but it is the people behind the technology that keep you ahead of them.   How does your organization work to keep you ahead of your competition?  Share your thoughts below.

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