I Like Hats


I like hats…... sun hats, baseball caps, skater hats, Easter Sunday bonnets, hockey helmets and more. I don’t necessarily like to wear them or look good in them, but I like them. Hats allow you to be someone else for a little bit. A baseball cap, for instance, allows you to be athletic and play a game while keeping the sun out of your eyes. A sun hat allows you to be outside and work in your garden without getting sunburn. A hockey helmet lets you be rough, tough and invincible. The hat you are wearing lets you be that person for at least as long as you are wearing that hat.

At First National Technology Solutions (FNTS), project managers wear many hats. Mostly we wear our own hats; whatever a ‘project manager’ hat looks like (I don’t know that I’ve actually seen one). We coordinate and organize and gather all of the information that will be necessary to build a new server or create a new 300+ server environment. We make plans and schedules and set time frames and tasks to ensure that all of the pieces of the puzzle come together at the same time to obtain the best outcome for our clients.

We work closely with our customers to make sure that we are setting the proper expectations on all aspects of the projects we are working on. So at times, we are wearing our ‘customer’ hat. We imagine what we, the customer, will need to know and want to know in order to ensure that the desired outcome is reached. We also wear our ‘engineering’ hat. Not the choo choo kind, but the Network, Windows or UNIX engineering kind. At that time, we are envisioning what the engineers will need in order to be able to build the correct environment for the customer. We work with the engineers at FNTS and also with the customer’s engineers to obtain the details needed for both.

And lastly, we wear our ‘future’ hat, which could look like something you see in a Star Wars film I guess. We wear this one when we want to ensure that our customers have a smooth transition into their new future with their new FNTS environment.

So I would encourage you to wear a different hat today and be that person for at least a little bit. You never know where that will take you!

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