“I Love Cookies”


I love cookies. I love to make them, buy them and eat them…which is why I must exercise! But I digress. I am NOT here to talk about exercise. (Aren’t you glad?) I am here to talk about ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions to ‘non-cookie-cutter’ problems.

At First National Technology Solutions (FNTS), our Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) offerings are wide and varied, much like the Christmas sugar cookies I make with my children each year. Each sugar cookie must not be the same as any other sugar cookie or else the cookie platter looks boring….at least at my house. Each cookie has its own unique qualities of color, size and shape. Just like unique sugar cookies, each customer environment here can be created and shaped based on the specific needs of each specific client. They can vary in size and configuration, even though each environment is still a ‘cookie’.

I was fortunate enough to speak to a classroom full of master’s students at the University of Nebraska-Omaha last month about IaaS….. and cookies, of course. As I was describing the structure and approach of customer uniqueness at FNTS, they could not believe that a company would ever be able to manage and keep track of all of the variables that these environments would bring. ‘How do you handle all of the various specifics that a new, or existing, customer asks of you?’ they asked. And I answered, ‘Like when you are icing a particularly beautiful snowflake cookie; with much care and attention to detail’.

This non-cookie cutter approach is what makes FNTS so unique and outstanding in the field of IaaS. We offer our clients the ability to create an environment to their specific requirements to support their business in the best way possible. As we compete in the ‘cookie cutter’ world of IT infrastructure, being unique is a much needed and sought after trait. No customer wants to be limited to the ‘small’ environment that might choke them or the ‘medium’ environment that might be too much. And they especially don’t want to pay for what they don’t need or want. Being able to provide a scalable, flexible and reliable system for our clients is what makes us special as we partner with each client to create and design an infrastructure as varied as the holiday cookies on my platter every year!

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