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Independence Day

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With the 4th of July a mere two days away, I’ve become reminiscent of how awesome this holiday is. When my daughter first started watching fireworks shows, she would sit in pure awe as the dazzling fireworks exploded overhead, enthralled by the different colors and shapes.  I watched as she would cower and cover her ears as the big booms went off. I enjoyed listening to her deep giggle, while she marveled at the loud and impressive fireworks.  Even 12 years later, she still loves this holiday and looks forward to the firework shows.

This day also serves as a reminder of how fortunate we are to have our own independence and freedoms to make the choices we want to make and pursue our own individual dreams – truly something to celebrate!

Kim Whittaker


As a service provider, I also reflect on how our clients’ IT personnel are able to gain independence from the continual pages, 24×7 monitoring, and day-to-day activities by partnering with FNTS and the services we offer.  This independence that they gain allows them to focus their time and abilities on strategic initiatives for their company, helping improve applications, processes and technology for their business.


"Our services enable companies to become more efficient and gain a competitive advantage in their market.


Just as my daughter watches the fireworks in awe, I too watch what our engineers do for our clients, in equal amazement. We are truly enabling companies to embrace their independence from the day-to-day IT support role, giving them the ability to focus on evolving their companies into the future.  Our partnership helps position companies to grow and prosper in the ever-changing business landscape.

For those who have embraced managed services and cloud computing – I encourage you to celebrate your independence this weekend from the day-to-day IT support role!  For those who haven’t embraced managed services and cloud computing, I encourage you to consider how independence from hardware/software purchases, maintenance activities, and the day-to-day technical support could help your business become more efficient.

I hope each of you have a happy and safe 4th of July – you can bet I’ll be watching a firework show with our daughter listening to her giggle when the big booms go off and enjoying her smile in pure delight during the grand finale!