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Insurance: Fear or Foe

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Health, car, house or property, event pet – insurance comes in every form and most of us have it.  The fear of the unknown (and the law) drives us to make sure in the event of an incident we will be able to function and restore our belongings or health back to their natural state.  In fact it is often AFTER we have to use our insurance we learn about everything that isn’t covered….it takes an unfortunate incident to realize we didn’t have the coverage we thought we had.  Now many people are fully covered and walk away praising their coverage and the painless efforts and go back to life as they know it, but what about those that don’t and what does this have to do with IT?

When is the last time you tested your disaster recovery plan for your company?  Will your point of sale systems, ordering/fulfilling systems or your customer data be available in the event of an incident?  It is alarming the number of businesses that either

1. Don’t have a disaster recovery plan

2. Have not tested the data they are backing up to see if it can be recovered

3. Are backing up the data they actually need to get back on-line after an outage

What good is it to physically rebuild your business if you can’t virtually rebuild your business?  I bet you are thinking – “it won’t happen to me, besides I have an IT department handling that”…..but do you?  Have you checked and I mean really checked?  I have a challenge for you – can you answer these three questions and if you can let me know and I will send you a congratulations prize just for answering.  Take the DR challenge today and make sure your business is safe in the hands – or tornados, fires, power outages and whatever else is thrown its way.  I look forward to hearing from you!