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Kernel for Exchange

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The Kernel for Exchange Server software is utilized for recovering mailboxes from offline Exchange EDB databases. This method is an easy and risk free solution to restore the users' mailboxes, as well as their content from Exchange Server databases.

First thing to note, when using this application, you need to have outlook installed on the machine that you are going to use it on. If you do not, you will get errors along the lines of: Error in Set_ReminderSet: MAPI_E_INVALID_PARAMETER when you attempt save a pst.

When you run the application you select the Database .edb file to run and a temp storage directory. With Avamar, when it tries to perform a G.L.R. restore, it creates a folder called avfscache in its working directory: “install path”\avs\var. In this folder, it creates a shortcut to the temp mounted backup called AVFSMOUNT. You can actually use this location to read one of the backed up databases. 


Kernel for Exchange

Additionally, you can use this location to read the .ebd.


Exchange Database


Browse to the location or where you restored your mailbox database to.


Recovery Mode


Be sure to check the: “Use Disk Space” option to prevent out of memory errors. From here, the application will read the .edb database file you selected and construct the list of mailboxes. You now save the mailbox you would like as a .pst. Congrats! You're finished!