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Key Attributes of Successful Teams (Part 2)

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Welcome back and Happy New Year!  As you remember, my last blog kicked off with the two of the five attributes of success: trust and healthy conflict.  This week’s blog defines the remaining three attributes.
Leaving off with healthy conflict brings us right into the third attribute which is commitment.  As a team, everyone needs to be committed to the direction, goals and overall decisions made.  By having the healthy conflict and discussions, each party’s opinion is heard and as such, once the decision is made, everyone on the team needs to commit.  Having a united front is necessary if a team is going to accomplish its goals and everyone on the team needs to be working towards the same goals, not trying to undercut the work of the rest of the team with their own agenda.

Accountability within the team.  The best teams are made up of individuals who hold each other accountable, they don’t rely on the leader to hold everyone accountable, they demand accountability with each other.

Finally, all teams need to produce, so the fifth key attribute is results.  The only way to truly measure the success of the team is to measure results and what the team has accomplished. As such, it is important to set goals, measure your progress, and remember that the team comes first, and all efforts from the individual team members should be working towards meeting the goals and objectives of the team itself.

What attributes do you see within your teams?  Do you agree with these 5, or are there others that you think are more important?  I would be interested to hear your thoughts.