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During one of the first days of my internship here at First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) I was offered the opportunity to take a tour of the First National Data Center. A tour was being given to a potential client, and some coworkers who were giving the tour offered to bring me along so I could see everything as well. I had just gotten acclimated to my workspace, but I thought it’d be a great chance to learn more about the company I work for. So I eagerly came with.

As a millennial, I’m pretty up to date with technology, social media, and even the basics of what cloud technology is…or so I thought. As I toured the data center I learned that my knowledge barely scratched the surface of the technology FNTS has to offer.

While I myself was learning and seeing something new every minute, my coworkers giving the tour were not. They masterfully guided the group through the technology labyrinth, and easily answered any questions the potential customer posed. My coworkers discussed servers, networks, and storage as if they were elementary concepts, and explained them in a way that made the simple enough to understand.

Similar to Luke Skywalker encountering Yoda from Star Wars, or Daniel meeting Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid, I realized I had much to learn. Even more so I learned that my FNTS coworkers were the ideal people to learn from. With the knowledge and experience I witnessed from the tour, I know FNTS offers the perfect place for me to do so. 

A virtual tour of the data center from YouTube is attached below, so hopefully you too can learn more!



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