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Overcoming the Fear of Migration

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Do you ever reach a point in your life where and unexpected opportunity arises and you can’t help but think it is the forces of nature that presented it so you might as well take advantage of it? That is exactly how I ended up on a plane thousands of feet in the air getting ready to tandem skydive.

Embarking on a trip to Vegas to be filled with the usual late nights and fun times with my husband and our friends, I certainly did not expect to come across the opportunity to sky dive, much less go through with it. Not knowing if this opportunity would ever be available again I decided to take the forces of nature by the horns and – Go for it!

Go for it…….something that customers do when they change managed services providers or decide to outsource. Something draws them in, hooks them and they decide to go for it. Much like my experience skydiving, I believe customers have the same uncertainty transitioning to a new vendor. Within each customer there are multiple individuals who have their own perspective and concerns about what the experience will be like. I put myself in the place of my sky diver instructor and our customers, “Trust us, we do this all the time, everything will be okay.” But everyone wants to know, “What if it isn’t okay?”

I found myself feeling much like a new customer, embarking on a new partnership, seeing behind the scenes the trainings, preparation and checks and balances that are done before each jump. As I entered the room, signed what latterly was my life away on a liability waiver, suited up and climbed into the plane I thought here we go, there is no turning back now. That is when the excitement really started. Contract is signed and the fun begins.

Climbing to 15,000 feet the door to the plane opened and – we jumped. I was free falling. It all happened so fast and all I could think was, “There is no going back, I sure hope this ends up okay.” The jump went just as the instructor told me it would go, the parachute opened and then I was able to relax and enjoy the experience. The landing was perfect and I am blessed to be here to write about it.

A large migration of new project go live is very similar to the free fall experience. Once it starts you want it to end up okay. Fortunately for First National Technology Solutions’ customers they are with us during a significant portion of the preparation process before a project goes live so the go live weekend feels very structured and planned instead of a free fall with no control. In addition to that we have a team of engineers that have decades of experience working on mission critical infrastructure systems and conversions. In addition to their broad experience they participate in training to keep up to date on the latest technology trends.

When customers use First National Technology Solutions’ services they are trusting their career and business us, just the same as I trusted my life to my tandem jump partner. Putting total trust in the hands of a stranger and saying go for it is one thing. Having everything turn out great is another. So I say come on board and go for it!