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Performing an Exchange G.L.R. Restore

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Microsoft Exchange restores can be a real nuisance at times. There are third party tools available to make life a little easier though. One of these is called Kernel for Exchange. This tool helps you to restore a specific mailbox, or items from a mailbox, if you have access to the entire database. In this article, I'll demonstrate how to perform a G.L.R. Restore.

This would be needed if you get the following Error:

"An Exchange GLR operation fails with 'Failed to Mount Database'” 

The Avexglr_plugin.log in “Avamar Installation Path”\avs\var will show the following information if an R.S.G. or R.D.B. already exists.  In this case, the R.D.B. was not in a mounted state, but existed in Exchange

The first step I recommend taking if you have attempted to perform a G.L.R. before, is making sure that there is not an R.D.B. (Restore Database) already created. Restart the G.L.R. service from windows services.

Next you'll to remove any previously created R.D.B.’s with Exchange PowerShell.

Run the command : Get-Mailboxdatabase | fl

If you see any database with Database_RDB at the end of the name, and the database is returned with TRUE in the “Recovery” Database column, you are going to have to remove it. The R.D.B. must be dismounted and removed before the G.L.R. operation can proceed

Run the Command: Remove-Mailboxdatabase “VIP Database_RDB” <- Change name to your database