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Personal Service Comes with a Price Tag

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Help!  Recently I embarked on a new endeavor, outside of my comfort zone, into uncharted territory.  In this new endeavor, I found myself learning on the fly and getting along pretty well until the project went awry and I needed help.  I tried to call the vendor but could not get through, so I was forced to send an email for assistance and wait.  And wait.  I felt helpless sitting there waiting for help to arrive.  As it turned out I was only allowed email support. I had to pay extra for actual phone assistance.  I was stunned!  Could this be true – are there companies that force customers to pay extra to get help from a product/service they offer and charge for?  The answer is yes.

As a customer, in a helpless situation, who was relying on a vendor, I couldn’t help but think of managed services customers.  If I was outsourcing my operating system to a provider and it suddenly went down, or I misconfigured something and I needed assistance immediately and couldn’t get it - I would panic.  My business and my customers would be directly impacted because I couldn’t get someone to pick up a phone because I don’t pay enough?

I truly value the personal service offered by First National Technology Solutions.  They provide online support and are always there to pick up the phone to help customers.  Sometimes in the moment of panic, hearing a voice at the other end of the phone offering to help regardless of the services you are contracted for is all it takes to turn mishap around and ease the mind of an individual.  Knowing someone somewhere has it under control not only offers peace of mind – but trust in knowing the situation is being handled.  

I know some of you are saying – I like IVR’s, online chat, email options and FAQ’s – me too.  However, I depend on the “zero out”, pick up the phone to reach a customer service representative option when a large, important issue needs to be resolved.  I am truly lucky to work for and promote a company that prides’ itself in personal service to help customers with their problems, without increasing the price of their services to do so.