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Failures, Outages, Downtime

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Whether human error, natural disaster or hardware failure; outages and downtime can leave a lasting mark on technology providers and customers involved.  When an outage occurs on a large scale it gathers the attention and even empathy from many in the IT business.  See how the IT industry reacts to one of the most recent nationwide outages in this recap from IT Jungle.  https://www.itjungle.com/2017/03/06/ibm-cloud-providers-react-amazon-s3-outage/ 

“It is impossible to guarantee that you will never go down,” says Ralph Wasner, CTO of First National Technology Solutions, an IBM i cloud provider that we profiled in a story last week. “At the same time you can minimize the risk of an outage by building resilience in the systems and platforms we support and by proactively monitoring the environment.”


Careful construction of the private cloud environment can reduce – but not entirely eliminate – the possibility of an extended outage,” Wasner says.

“FNTS invests in hardening our systems with redundant network/systems and the best of breed hardware,” he says. “Nothing at FNTS is single threaded. We actively monitor for issues but we also monitor for the indicators of a pending issue.”

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