Ready, Set, GO!


As we pull out onto the track for the final race, I am beginning to realize one of the main characteristics of a successful sales person:  competitiveness!  We line up just like NASCAR racers heading into the final heat, anxiously awaiting the flag to drop.  This is the third heat and there isn’t as much laughing as before – this time, it’s serious.  The prize?  No, not millions of dollars or trophies, something simpler: pure bragging rights on who within the Sales team earns the fastest track time and wins the race!

Ready, Set, GO

This past week we took the sales team out for a team building event at Joe’s Karting.  It was a great day filled with laughs, screams, and tremendous amount of competition.  It was fun watching the competitive juices flow and watching everyone try to pass each other,  avoid being passed, hitting into the walls and into each other! After spending a day with the team and enjoying the competition, it made me realize what a big driver competition is in our day-to-day lives within a sales role.  Not only does each sales person want to win, be the best in their career and triumph against competition, but as a team we want to win by attracting new clients to our company.  I see that passion and competitiveness everyday – when a sales person truly believes in the product or service he/she is selling, it shows. From this, success follows because clients see that passion as well. We had a blast driving the go-karts and maybe we’ll go back and do this again in the future, or try something else for our next team outing.  Either way, I can bet that it will involve competition because this team lives for it!

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