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Sales & Golf: An Executive’s Perspective

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Kim Whittaker

On the golf team at University of Nebraska- Lincoln from 1990-1994, I obtained Academic All-American all 4 years and received All Big-8 honors my senior year. As an avid golfer and VP of Sales & Marketing at FNTS, I find a striking similarity between a round of golf and a closed sale. Whenever I try to shoot a low round or attempt to close a sale faster, the opposite seems to result. From what I’ve learned, patience, focus and preparation are essential in both.

On the golf course, this means putting in practice time on the driving range; concentrating on your chipping and putting. Throughout the round you must stay the course, remain patient, try not to push too hard, and remember to simply focus on the next shot-not the whole round. These are all essential components to a great game.

In sales, it is entirely about building trust and a relationship with the potential client, listening to their needs and challenges, remaining patient in explaining the various alternatives and solutions, not pushing too hard, being respectful of their process for making a decision, and focusing on the right solution for that particular client.

By concentrating on the next shot and the right solution, instead of focusing on a low score and getting a contract signed; the process works smoothly and efficiently.

Now that’s a hole-in-one.