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Scared to Step into the Cloud?

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On a recent business trip to Chicago we took a break in our day to play tourist and went to the Sky Deck on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower, formerly named Sears Tower.  It was a rainy overcast day so visibility was not ideal but it was a great opportunity to see the Windy City from 1,353 feet in the air.

Scared to Step into the Cloud?

There were three of us from FNTS visiting the Sky Deck and as we approached the glass ledge of the Sky Deck each of us had a different level of hesitation.  One of us had zero reservation and stepped onto the glass ledge. I needed a moment to think about it before finally stepping onto the ledge. The last person chose to look into the clouds from afar and not join us on the ledge standing in the sky.

On our flight back to Omaha it occurred to me that our experience at the Sky Deck was very similar to what we experience with client behavior and cloud usage. Some clients are very eager to step into the cloud, others do so with hesitation and some stay where they are and watch others step into the cloud first.

Stepping into the cloud at the Sky Deck brought us out of our comfort zone, to say the least.  When it comes to facing a large decision about your business or even your personal life, some people are big risk takers; others are hesitant due to fear of the unknown.

To extinguish these rational fears about a transition to “The Cloud,” select a cloud provider that will allow you high visibility. At FNTS we believe it is important for our customers to be informed and have as much visibility as possible to help make their experience of stepping into the cloud, a step they take without hesitation.

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