Scary Time!


As we approach the end of October and the Halloween holiday I found myself reflecting on what scared me as child; ghosts, boogie men, a pop quiz in school. As we grow and mature those things no longer seem important and lose their ability to grip your soul in the middle of the night like they used to when you were young. In part because you develop some perspective and in part because you learn of even scarier things that are actually real and can harm you in other ways.

Freddie Krueger seems a plaything next to Ebola, disaster recovery and business continuation planning. These are the real nightmare makers, but we can take away their ability to cause us sleepless nights by being methodical and taking action. That action is made easier when you have a partner that already has the tools and technologies in place to take the scare out of keeping your business alive in the event of a catastrophic disease outbreak or continuation of business in the event of a fire, flood, earthquake, etc. Contact FNTS to learn how cost effectively and quickly we can protect you from your worst nightmare – an unexpected business disruption.

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