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Solutions Customized, Not Cookie Cutter

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There are a lot of companies out there that need to update their software, and think “where can I get the resources to do the testing, do the update and then get rid of it without using a lot of capital?” Susan Couron, Senior Client Executive at First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) has the answer.  Every day she helps customers find solutions to this issue and more.

“We can do that, and if not, we will find a way” is often the response Couron gives her customers.  “It is my job to help customers find the right solution to their technology challenges”, says Couron. FNTS is different from other managed services providers as they offer a variety of technology solutions customized for each client.

By staying flexible enough to offer customized solutions, Couron is able to provide the right solution to her customers.  In a recent request, FNTS was able to utilize PureFlex Blade technology for user acceptance testing on iSeries.  In addition to the resources needed to upgrade the application, FNTS was able to deliver a fast turnaround time to exceed the customer’s expectation.  “The PureFlex Blades gives us the ultimate flexibility to be able to turn around a single iSeries LPAR with 60,000 CPW over 700 gigs of memory, and 18 TB of storage in less than 30 days.” These PureFlex Blades are just one of the reasons making FNTS so flexible with customers.

“FNTS offers a variety of technology solutions for companies. Pair that with flexibility & customization, and there isn’t a solution we won’t work to find”, said Couron.  See other projects Couron and other FNTS employees have been working on – go there now.

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