Technology Solutions Spotlight: Boe Knapp


Boe Knapp, a Senior Account Executive at First National Technology Solutions has been involved in the IT world since graduating college. He has worked for a variety of companies including Burroughs, one of the largest computer companies in the world. He even started his own performance analysis and system optimization business before selling it to FNTS. Knapp began working for FNTS shortly afterwards.

From hardware, to software, and now service, Knapp is experienced in the field. In his current position, most of his focus involves selling products to potential clients, and making sure both the seller and the buyer are better off as a result. It comes with no surprise that he’s had success with sales, and Knapp offers some tips for successful salesmanship:

  1. The importance of being honest: “Honesty is the number one thing. You need to be honest with your prospective customers. You need to try to find the right solution for them that fits, and be honest with them if it’s not a fit.”
  2. Helping solve the problem: “There’s a reason they’ve called you, and why they’ve responded to you. So you need to find out what those things are. Maybe they have lost some personnel, maybe they need some help, or maybe the technology they have currently is old. It’s listening to what their pain points are and what they’re trying to solve.”
  3. Responsiveness: “If they want something, you try and meet their deadlines, and if you are responsive, you get more respect out of them. Then they’re willing to work with you more.”
  4. Emphasizing the FNTS difference: “It’s trying to sell the value that you bring to the table. What do we do differently, what do we bring to the table that nobody else does, then you explain those differences. You’re trying to sell the value, that’s what sales is about.”

What salesmanship tips have you picked up throughout the years? Comment below!

(Blog written by Jamey Schilling, Marketing Intern and Marquette University Student) 

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