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The Economics Behind and Beyond Cloud Computing

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As a nearly empty nest father of six I find myself relating cloud economics to home economics.  When my family lived at home we shopped at wholesale stores.  The idea was that I could get massive quantities of something for a lower per unit cost, thus saving money on the overall budget, even if a little bit would sometimes go to waste or spoil before it could be consumed by the ravaging teenagers.  This compares nicely with the pre-defined public cloud models.  With these models you pick from pre-packaged configurations of servers that might not fit exactly what you need but it will work, usually leaving you with some amount of un-used CPU, RAM or Disk that goes to waste.

When we were in our heyday of activities and consumption that model served pretty well, but now that we still have the large house but not so many mouths to feed and supply I find myself going mostly to the smaller stores and to specialty stores to get just what I need.  I look for variety, items that are on my list and I can get just enough of each that I am no longer wasting a portion of what I buy.  Cloud services seem to follow that way as well.  A smaller provider like First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) gets to know your business, staff and understands the problem you are trying to solve and they encourage customization allowing you to provision exactly what you need and not pay for wasted CPU, RAM and disk. 

And while some cloud providers use the cheapest possible commodity platforms, FNTS uses higher quality Enterprise class systems for a better overall experience.  If I were a CIO I would look really hard at the custom store to get the solution you need, when you need it and in the customized form in which you need it.   Whether you are shopping for food to fill ravenous teenagers or solving IT and business issues with cloud technology finding the right solution for your company – look for the right solution – not any solution.

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