The Evolution of Disk Storage


Back in 1956, IBM introduced us to the first commercially available disk drive.  It stored 5MB of data, weighed over a ton, and could be leased for $3,200 a month.  Today, with the prevalence of solid state storage, you can fit a 128GB Flash Drive in your shirt pocket for under $100.
Although I wouldn’t store my most critical database on a $100 flash drive, it’s a testament to the advances we have seen within storage industry in a relatively short period of time.

The Evolution of Disk Storage

There are many reasons why spinning hard drives will remain in today’s modern data centers for several years to come. However, the future is shining brightly on solid state drives and their role will only increase over time.

Today, we have flash drive technologies available that are capable of delivering 100,000+ IOPS in <1ms. Technologies from PCIe Flash Cards to all-flash storage arrays are capable of running the most demanding workloads you can throw at us.

Future posts will detail the many types of solid state devices available to enterprises and the way they can be deployed in the most cost-effective manner.

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