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The Power of One

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The Power of One

20 years ago you saw server-to-engineer ratios of 40:1. The days of virtualization and the right technology has allowed me to push that number to 400:1. Pretty astonishing number when you think about it, but what’s the trick? The trick is finding the right 1. I tend to use the phrase “Anyone can support a server when it’s up, the true colors are found when it’s down”. After all, it’s technology. Finding qualified, personable people, with a get-it-done attitude, and the integrity to support a multi-million dollar infrastructure brings quite a challenge in a service provider business.

Some managers in the market target highly certified employees. I tend to spend 90% of my interview on the person. Not a flawless method, but I can usually teach or train any person to get a certificate. What I can’t teach is integrity and aptitude to do the job. I look for a person with the desire to accomplish something big, no such thing as a pipe dream at FNTS.

"Every day we are pushing the boundaries of technology and “outside the box thinking;”  you cannot accomplish that with just anyONE.

Being a partner to an organization is much more than having the product that fits a need. It’s standing by their business, getting excited for their growth, and celebrating with them. It’s always looking for ways to save them money, and letting them share your talent to accomplish projects that have crazy timelines, and unsurpassable obstacles. You cannot accomplish a partnership without talented people supporting the technology and accounts.

I joined FNTS to make a difference and build something that can leave a lasting mark in the market place.

At first I thought accomplishing that was putting some “cool” technology in our data center. Although fun, the lasting mark came from leading a team of professionals that I would put up against any engineer in the country. With a touch of AWESOME technology!