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The Wizard of Oz

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I loved the Wizard of Oz as a kid. I felt the story was interesting and always wanted Dorothy to find her way home. The help she got along the way was interesting and entertaining, however the end of the story made me a bit sad. I wanted to believe in magic. Why did the Wizard have to say “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain?” And then when he was found out, I had so many questions. They need a Wizard of Oz part 2. What made the Wizard so special? What was he hiding?

I often wonder if vendor relationships function like the Wizard. After you sign the contract do you take a peek behind the curtain and realize one of your vendors is all smoke and mirrors?

Losing trust in a vendor can be the beginning at the end. At First National Technology Solutions removing the smoke and mirrors and being honest is why we become involved in all aspects of our service from the very beginning. Our sales process is open, no hidden items or baked in money that goes who knows where. Once we have a contract, our Project Managers work very closely with the customer to ensure timelines are met and the objectives are accomplished with complete visibility into our process. Likewise, our engineers are not hidden behind bureaucracy. You have access to the individuals that actually work on your behalf. The ITIL policies are followed to allow us to speak a common language of support using the best of breed technology so you are familiar with the performance of our gear.

No curtains here, no magicians, no disappointments. First National Technology Solutions is not made of Wizards, just people that work hard and allow you to watch.