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Time Flies

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I hit my five year anniversary with First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) this month. As I reflect and look back at those five years, I realize that I experienced some amazing things.

First, I witnessed FNTS establish some of the best and brightest talent in the industry. We worked hard to tear down barriers, and build solid footings for a future of strong friendships, and innovative ideas.

Second, we built a solid foundation for FNTS. With the best and brightest people we built an infrastructure that helped change our company, and shake our competition. We developed our attitude, and maybe even a little swagger!

Third, I worked to establish outstanding relationships with outstanding clients. These clients are the ones who shake their industry daily, and the ones that believe in a true partnership. I’ve migrated more servers than most IT professionals will ever get to support in their lifetime, something I couldn’t have accomplished without the best and brightest people!

Fourth, I’ve been provided a challenge. By working in an industry that changes, moves, and adapts so fast it’s near impossible to stay on top. This industry isn’t made for people who like to kick their feet up…it’s fast, VERY fast. If you look at challenge as opportunity, this is the right industry for you. I enjoy a good challenge.

Fifth, I’ve witnessed seeing a good company grow into a great company. Great companies are made of great people, great product, and the best customers, and FNTS meets all of those criteria! This truly is a great company.

I wish every day was a walk in the park, but sometimes good people find different life paths for themselves. That’s the challenge of surrounding yourself with the best and brightest. I’ve been lucky to keep those who have parted ways with FNTS very close, as friends, and I know someday they’ll come back home where they belong. As I reflect and look forward, I’m excited for FNTS, our customers, and our employees. We will be disrupting the industry...hang on for the ride! 

What are some great work experiences you have had? Feel free to share by commenting below!