Big Data – revolutionizing the customer experience

There has been much conversation about Big Data recently. What does it mean? What can you do with it? How do you deploy it? Big Data reminds me of Cloud Computing about 5 years ago. Everyone is talking about it, but nobody knows what it is. I will attempt to add a bit of clarity…

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Internet of Things

I need to lose weight. It’s important from a health perspective and I have a new-born daughter that deserves to have a father in her life long-term. To that end, I purchased a Fit-Bit Flex. During the day, it tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep quality and wakes you silently in the morning. Pretty amazing stuff. It wirelessly transfers my information to my laptop and tracks my fitness goals.

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Insurance: Fear or Foe

Health, car, house or property, event pet – insurance comes in every form and most of us have it.  The fear of the unknown (and the law) drives us to make sure in the event of an incident we will be able to function and restore our belongings or health back to their natural state.  In fact it is often AFTER we have to use our insurance we learn about everything that isn’t covered….it takes an unfortunate incident to realize we didn’t have the coverage we thought we had.  Now many people are fully covered and walk away praising their coverage and the painless efforts and go back to life as they know it, but what about those that don’t and what does this have to do with IT?

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Big Data or Big Overload

And the winner for the new buzzword is… (drum roll please)……. Big Data!!  You can pick your prize up as you exit the building because I cannot possibly make the time to stop my normal “business as usual” routine to gather, analyze, store, restore and do anything with you even though everyone in the industry in every industry tells me I have to….or need to.

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