FNTS Partners with EMC to Deliver Cloud Object Storage

New Offering Allows FNTS Enterprise Customers to Scale to Billions of Files with Unlimited Capacity

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Pokémon GO: collecting pocket monsters and problems

The Pokémon GO app has gone absolutely viral, and is now the biggest mobile game in US history. As of writing this article, the app tops the charts in downloads in both the App Store, and Google Play, and that’s with just the United States, Australia and New Zealand marketplaces. Not only has the app seen success in downloads, but Nintendo’s stock price also rose 25% the first week. The kid in me loves the app, but as an employee at a technology solutions company, I realize some of the app’s problems can no longer be solved by simply blowing air into a game cartridge like previous Pokémon games.

With all this rampant success and demand for the game, it only makes sense that some issues will arise. One particularly frustrating error was inability to access the game itself due to server connectivity issues. Niantic, the company which developed the app, released the following statement regarding the issue:

“Due to the incredible number of Pokémon GO downloads, some Trainers are experiencing server connectivity issues. Don’t worry, our team is on it!”

A possible solution to this highly demanded server? According to a Network World article, the answer may just lie in cloud technology. Specifically an IaaS cloud computing platform which is ideal for viral workloads with spikes in traffic could be the solution to the server woes.

Whether IaaS is the solution to the server issues remains to be seen, what is very apparent however, is that these issues will need to be improved if they want continued success. Simply, it will be quite impossible to “catch ‘em all,” if you can’t connect at all.

Even more concerning than server problems however, are the privacy issues that have been brought to public view. iPhone users playing with a Google account were unknowingly agreeing to grant Niantic full account access. While the app couldn’t change passwords, delete accounts, or make Google Wallet payments, it was able to see the contents of Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Calendar. An update was released to resolve this issue, but the damage has perhaps already been done.

Besides these main problems, there have also been complaints of distorted audio, heavy battery usage and temporary resets. The pressure is certainly on Niantic to resolve these issues.

While there have certainly been issues, the Pokemon fan base patiently waits for improvements to the app that brings their beloved Pocket monsters to life. As for this trainer, I need to go, I think I see a Nidoran. “Gotta Catch em all.”


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Cloud Myths Uncovered

A widely held but false belief or idea, otherwise known as a myth.  Even though myths are untrue they are sometimes the hardest believe to dispel and prove wrong.  As the evolution of cloud technology has grown into the IT phenomenon it is today many myths have come to fruition, and here are a few. 

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First National Technology Introduces Mobile Application

First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) has released the FNTS Portal, mobile application, announced James O’Neil, chief technology officer.  The app is available now in the Google Play and App Store.  “Businesses today want to be able to access their technology from anywhere, from any device, with the same user experience as if they were sitting behind their desks,” O’Neil said.  “The FNTS Portal was designed to give our customers access to monitor and administer key elements of their IT environment from Android and iOS devices.”

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Learning About Cloud Solutions

As a Sales Support Associate in First National Technology Solutions (FNTS), I feel it is my responsibility to understand fully the ever—evolving technology solutions we offer.   I spend time reading white papers, surfing the Internet, listening to my co-workers, and personally find exceptional value in video.  
FNTS has offered Cloud Solutions for some time; however, recently we added a Cloud Solutions video to our website.  Watching the video has provided greater understanding to me.  For example, I have always understood FNTS offers a Cloud Solution for the Windows, Linux, Unix and iSeries Operating System, but never realized we also offer a Cloud Solution for Mainframe.    
This Cloud Solutions video clip provides an overview of cloud technology and services offered by FNTS.   I work closely with the “Personal Cloud Strategists” at FNTS, and I look forward to expanding my knowledge of the products we offer in our commitment to serve you.   

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Self-Provisioning, what does it mean for you?

A key characteristic First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) prides itself on is the flexibility available to customers. This quality is particularly demonstrated in a project Vice President of Sales, Kim Whittaker is involved in: offering cloud self-provisioning.

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What is Elastic Cloud Storage?

Tim Stephenson is working on big things at First National Technology Solutions. For one, he’s trying to incorporate elastic cloud storage into the FNTS data center. 

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3 Benefits of Cloud You May Not Know About

When cloud first hit the market, some buzz words surrounding it were security, on-demand, lower costs, scalable and bursting. As technology evolved, and more companies implemented cloud solutions, some additional benefits started surfacing as well:

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Technology Solutions Spotlight: Dan Kurtz

Meet Dan Kurtz. As a Business Development Manager at First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) his role requires him to work with partners. This includes resellers, channel partners, and strategic vendors such as EMC Cisco or IBM. Currently his biggest project has him working with CISCO to make FNTS a CISCO certified cloud provider. 

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Is the Cloud really a Mainframe?

IBM recently announced its new z13 mainframe.  Pretty amazing in the new world order of cloud everything.  It seems as if cloud is the great elixir.  I hear it all the time – “just put it in the cloud” or “just back this data up to the cloud”.  Poof, it’s done!  Magic!  

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Cloud:  Training for a marathon; not a race

We hear it every day – technology is continually changing and there is no sign of it slowing down any time soon.  With the continual change comes the high price of keeping technology up to date to meet demands and upgrades.  More and more businesses turn to cloud providers to help them with these rising demands and help keep the rising costs under control.  So you are off to the race with planning, design, development, testing and finally implementation.  But the race doesn’t stop there; it has only begun.

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Platform 3 - The New Technology Frontier

Platform 3 is the latest topic from an IT perspective – the new development platform for the development of new applications.  What I find the most interesting about this new platform is how it fundamentally changes the traditional approach for application development. No longer will there be purchasing hardware, server provisioning, traditional application development and middleware deployment.  This new platform involves having a platform that developers are able to access and push their new application code to.  You can continuously develop this application with continual enhancements and updates.  Behind the scenes, the infrastructure is deployed based on what the application requires.  The infrastructure than continues to scale as required based upon the application demands.

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The Economics Behind and Beyond Cloud Computing

More with less. Economics is a key driver to implementing change within organizations.  In today’s economy there are two terms heard regularly – do more with less; and what is the impact to the organization.  The role of the CIO is changing – demands to implement applications, manage more websites and add new software, are increasing at an alarming rate.  These requests are not only the demands of the customers but internal business units.  Meeting these demands quickly and efficiently without adding staff or seeing an increase in budget can put a tax on any CIO and their employees.  

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So You have Moved into the Cloud - Now What?

Implementing a Cloud solution, like many IT projects, requires careful planning, thorough testing and requires continual assessment.    It is not like the rotisserie chicken commercial where you can just “set it and forget it”.  So what are the important steps of managing the cloud service provider ongoing relationship and what should you expect from your cloud provider.

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The Economics Behind and Beyond Cloud Computing

As a nearly empty nest father of six I find myself relating cloud economics to home economics.  When my family lived at home we shopped at wholesale stores.  The idea was that I could get massive quantities of something for a lower per unit cost, thus saving money on the overall budget, even if a little bit would sometimes go to waste or spoil before it could be consumed by the ravaging teenagers.  This compares nicely with the pre-defined public cloud models.  With these models you pick from pre-packaged configurations of servers that might not fit exactly what you need but it will work, usually leaving you with some amount of un-used CPU, RAM or Disk that goes to waste.

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