Mainframe Demise?

My introduction to IT was via the Air Force in 1989.  Graduating from high School in 1985, well before personal computers became common place and before teaching programming was the norm, I enlisted in in the Air Force.

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Time Management 101

As a Project Manager for FNTS, I am constantly seeking ways to use not only my time but the time of my coworkers and clients wisely. Staying organized and on task can be difficult at times, but with the following few tips your life may be a tad bit easier.

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Independence Day

With the 4th of July a mere two days away, I’ve become reminiscent of how awesome this holiday is. When my daughter first started watching fireworks shows, she would sit in pure awe as the dazzling fireworks exploded overhead, enthralled by the different colors and shapes.  I watched as she would cower and cover her ears as the big booms went off. I enjoyed listening to her deep giggle, while she marveled at the loud and impressive fireworks.  Even 12 years later, she still loves this holiday and looks forward to the firework shows.

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